First Look: Air Jordan VIII ‘Sequoia’ AKA ‘Undefeated’


There’s been a lot of confusion surrounding the Air Jordan VIII ‘UNDFTD’ and we’re here to finally clear the air regarding the kicks. These kicks set to drop at the end of next month have nothing to do with the west coast-based sneaker hub but they do share the same colorway of the notorious UNDFTD x Air Jordan IV. The pricing point should have given it away, but we’re glad to see the confusion die down for this particular sneaker.

Jordan Brand has decided to drop official images of the kicks to give us all a better look at these joints. They feature a ‘Sequoia’ green upper, black mesh tongue, matching midsole, as well as orange detailing on both the tongue and outsole.

Personally, we think the name the Air Jordan VIII ‘Sequoia’ is more suitable for the kicks even though the similarities are there. Come January 28th you can pick up a pair for $190. Even without the UNDFTD co-sign are these still worth copping?

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