Adidas Is Officially The Number 2 Sportswear Brand In The USA!!


With Nike firmly at the top of the food chain in regards to athletic footwear and apparel,  it leaves the rest of the sneaker empires fighting for the economic scraps. For a few years now, Nike has been a firm number 1 in the US, with Under Armour at two and adidas at three. Thanks to a great marketing plan, adidas has overtaken UA for that two slot.

In the past, the Three Stripes generals relied on their Euro-centric marketing plan, pushing as much Soccer gear as possible. Recently, the trefoil gang has rallied up some quality stateside athletic representation as well in James Harden, Von Miller, and BJ Upton. Also adidas added celebrity ambassadors of the company, including Kanye West (who made the jump from the Swoosh to adidas), Snoop Dogg (who’s loved by everyone), and Pharrell Williams, who is a musical production god.

Under Armour, dominated alternative sports market with their patented compression apparel. However, even though Under Armour has stepped into the world of athletic shoes and acquired a roster of their own (Steph Curry, Tom Brady, Jordan Spieth), their designs haven’t been highly favored, which might be the reason for the decline in revenue and popularity of the sportswear brand.

Under Armour’s reign as the second most profitable sportswear brand, lasted two years, but with the help of their ambassadors and new silhouettes adidas is now right behind Nike in United States revenue and popularity. Don’t think adidas is on the heels of Nike just yet though, the Swoosh is currently selling 25 pairs of kicks a second. 

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