Tone Trump 2016 HipHopSince1987 Exclusive Interview (Part 3)


In part three of West Philly’s Tone Trump sit down with HHS1987’s E-Money, Tone Trump talks about his upcoming book titled ’15 Steps To Shine While Your On The Grind’ which will be available in audio, and hard copies in Black and Nobel in Philly first. Trump talks about doing two straight sock drives in December & January. Trump informed us that socks are the most needed item in homeless shelters, which is why he partnered with others to donate them.
Tone Trump shares an experience of performing in Vancouver, Canada where he performed and still made time to swing by the hood. He also announced the Tone Trump Show on every Tuesday from 10-11pm. Trump pulls out his red crocodile book bag to show us the magazines he has graced the cover on, the various merch he either owns or he partnered with to endorse.

After concluding this interview, make sure you checkout, and his mobile app Tone Trump, which is available now.

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