People Are Turning Nintendo Guns into Real Glocks!!


Today in upcoming copyright infringement lawsuits, someone used the old-school NES branding to turn a real-life Glock handgun into a functioning weapon that looks remarkably similar to the video game accessory that every ’80s kid remembers pointing at the TV when they got tired of OG Super Mario Bros, the Nintendo Duck Hunt zapper.

You know, because we all enjoy when you take a magically nostalgic item from our childhood and turn it into an actual instrument of death.

Photos of the Glock, which seems to be just a one-of-a-kind custom job, showed up on the Facebook page of Precision Syndicate LLC, a “Texas-based machine prototyping company,” according to Mashable. Feelings on the gun were mixed, based on the comments on their page. Some people were pretty upset, because, you know, nothing ever goes wrong when you blur the line between toys and guns.

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