Iggy Azalea Thanks D’Angelo Russell For Snitching on Nick Young!!!

D'Angelo 70.png

Last week, a video that showed Nick Young talking about cheating on his fiancée Iggy Azalea made the rounds on social media. It was reportedly filmed by D’Angelo Russell and featured him asking his teammate questions while he watched a hotel TV. It has since been described by a Lakers insider as “a prank gone wrong.” In the video, Young appears to be unaware that he’s being recorded.
Sources have told ESPN.com that the resulting tension over that brief footage is why the team sucked so bad the other night against Utah, when they tied the record for their worst loss in franchise history.

A source also told ESPN that the team is handling it, like adults, by isolating the 20-year-old rookie. At a recent breakfast, nobody would sit with Russell at his table. Additionally, Lou Williams got up and walked away after Russell sat down next to him on a locker room bench. A source also added that the situation is “about as bad as it can get. There were trust issues already. Now there’s no trust.”

If you’re a Lakers fan, you’re probably waiting for things to finally hit rock bottom so they can inevitably build back up. Maybe this is that. Maybe it isn’t.

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