Tone Trump 2016 HipHopSince1987 Exclusive Interview (Part 2)

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.06.06 PM.png

In part two of West Philly’s Tone Trump sit down with HHS1987’s E-Money, Trump talks about an array of topics. First he praises HHS1987 team for their quality interviews, and more. After a clothing change for the start of part two of the interview, Trump receives a new wardrobe from COD. Never done before, Trump pops tags live on camera. Trump break’s down all the different partnerships he is involved in. He explains the difference between endorsements and his decision to boss up and create partnerships instead.

Back to the movie Creed, Trump talks about hustling for his last name. He goes in-depth with his career timeline, where he been touring since Meek Mill had braids, and most new rappers were still in middle school.

Trump talks about a new movie he is in called ‘Against All Odds’ that they are filming this year. He talked about Ice-T production company working together with Trump and his partner Taya Simmons. Trump talks about sharing his blessings with others, being genuine with helping others and more.

Trump talks about his new single “5” which features and is also produced by Grammy Award Winner, Cee-Lo Green. Clearing the air immediately, Trump talks about never paying for a feature ever.

After concluding this interview, make sure you checkout, and his mobile app Tone Trump, which is available now.

This interview was conducted by HHS1987’s E-Money, and shot by Rick Dange.

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