Kanye West Clears Up Twitter Confusion, Announces More Yeezys!!!

Kanye 720

Kanye West has had a lot going on — and a lot to say — over the past month or so, and he wants to apologize if he’s been confusing in any way. 

The hip-hop superstar took to Twitter on Tuesday (March 8) to give some stream of consciousness pontificating, apologizing for “in any way being confusing” over the past three weeks since he released his new album, The Life of Pablo on Feb. 14. 

Kanye 719.JPG

“I guess in a media world where you never hear the truth, the truth can come off as crazy,” he continued. 

Kanye 718

West said he was up late designing in Sweden, following a visit to Ikea earlier in the day and working on his new website. Meanwhile, he said he couldn’t wait to get home to his family, likening those down moments to a return from battle. War against what, you ask?

He also claimed Adidas will be making one million pairs of his Yeezys shoes, even opening new factories to handle the manufacturing. 

West began and ended his “Twitter poetry” with shout outs to his “No More Parties in L.A.” collaborator Kendrick Lamar over the Compton rapper’s new untitled unmastered. project. 

SOURCE: Billboard

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