Dwight Howard to the Knicks?!?!?


After reportedly being shopped around the trade deadline, Dwight Howard knows his tenure with the Houston Rockets will likely come to an end this summer. Howard can opt out of his contract and sign with whatever team he wants, which according to ESPN’s Ian Begley could be the New York Knicks.


At least that’s what Howard’s friends are telling people.

From Begley:

Along those lines, one name to keep in mind this summer is Dwight Howard.

Some of Howard’s friends have let it be known recently that the center would be interested in coming to New York as a free agent if he opts out of his current contract, league sources say.

Whether Jackson and the Knicks would be interested in a player like Howard is another question entirely.

It does sound a bit dubious that Howard’s friends are talking about him joining the Knicks but the Rockets center did recently fire his longtime agentand is not currently represented. So his friends could just be helping Howard out. Plus, don’t forget that when Howard played for the Orlando Magic, he wanted to play for the Brooklyn Nets. That desire to play in New York City could still be there for Howard.

If Howard did join the Knicks, New York would have a rather impressive frontcourt with him, Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. However, the Knicks don’t seem too keen on making many win-now moves. They want to improve, but adding Howard would place even more expectations on the Knicks. And with Porzingis still developing, it might be smarter for the Knicks to add younger players who can complement their rookie sensation.

Howard’s stature in the league isn’t as prominent as it once was, but he is still one of the top centers in the NBA and would be an excellent addition for most teams. That’s why Howard will likely be one of the bigger names on the free-agent market, so get used to hearing more rumors and reports about possible future destinations for the Rockets center.


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