Benjamin Kickz Previews Massive Stockroom, Responds to Instagram Haters

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.08.29 AM.png

Being a 16-year-old reseller that has more clout in the sneaker game doesn’t come without its disadvantages. Despite not seeing some of the iconic releases from Air Jordan, Nike and more hit retailers for the first time during the early and mid ’90s, the Sneaker Don isn’t reluctant to say his introduction into the sneaker game began with later Nike LeBron models.

Hyped releases like adidas Yeezy Boosts (350s and 750s), “Fragment” Air Jordan 1s, Don C x Air Jordan Collaborations, and other shoes that often have resell value of a grand or more, come in abundance and placed right into Benjamin Kickz’s stockroom. Of course with great power comes great responsibility, or in Ben’s case, more revenue and angry sneakerheads in his DMs and comments on his social media. In this clip the young reseller walks us through his elaborate inventory of “Supreme” Air Jordans, Nike AF1s, Nike Yeezy 1’s and 2’s, Air Jordan 11’s and more. He later gives his response to hecklers and instigators who throw negative remarks towards him on social media.

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